Life on earth is made from five basic substances namely earth, water, air,fire and space. Deity and Cosmic powers we worship, are of three substances namely air, fire and space and the ultimate God ( Ishwar) is of one substance namely space.

We can service human being by any of these substances and human body can not be served by any other means other than these substances.We can give water to our human guests, water on arrival, food, fresh air by switching fans or A.C, by lighting fire if they are feeling cold or by spiritual discussions.Likewise Deity  takes their food in form of havan or yagya as it is part of air, fire and space and therefore yagya becomes part of all rituals and Poojan,where we invite Deity and other Divine powers   by Aavahan mantra.

Yagya therefore is the act of showing reverence to Deity and the Cosmic Powers. It is the process of paying Obeisance and making Offerings to the Deities and other Divine Powers in order to get their Cosmic blessing for a happy, peaceful and prosperous life, or for any other Material or Spiritual benefits that the Beneficiary or Devotee desires.

The three Spiritual Pillars of the Yajna are the Spiritual Practitioner or Worshipper, the Deity or the Divine Power, and the Beneficiary. The Practitioner establishes the Spiritual connection with the Divine and seeks the Favor, Blessing or Benefit on behalf of the Beneficiary. The most relevant part of the Yagya is for the Worshipper to make the Spiritual connection with the Deity from whom he is seeking the Blessing or Benefit. When this connection is made, and the Deity is appeased and pleased with the worship and sentiment of the Worshipper, one is showered with Cosmic blessings and Wish-fulfillment.

Yagya directly benefits the Devotee or family of the Devotee  who is paying for all expenses incurred on it, and on whose behalf the Yagya  is being performed.We perform all types of Nishkam and Sakam Yagya  for our devotees such as Mrutyunjay Yagya ( For long life ), Putreshti Yagya ( For getting child ), Mahaluxmi Yagya ( For wealth ), Corporate Yagya ( For successfully managing your business ),All planet Yagya ( For removal of ill effect of planets ), Kaal Sarp Yagya ( To eliminate Kaal Sarp Dosham ), Ichchha Puti Yagya ( To fulfill desire ), Raj Rajeshwari Yagya ( To get success in politics ) etc. If you want to perform these or any Yagya, please Contact us.

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