Tantra is the ancient science of expanding and liberating the soul. It is derived from the two Sanskrit words – Tanoti, meaning to expand, & Trayate, meaning to liberate. It encompasses almost all the spiritual practices like Pooja, Stotra, Mantra, Yantra, Yoga and Meditation.

Tantra aims at enhancing each and every aspect of human life, because to attain liberation, one must become perfect. First one must perfect ones physical & mental faculties, and then learn to control them and sublimate them, and then convert and divert them to rise the soul to higher levels of spiritual progress. It enables you to perfect and control anger, hunger, thirst, hatred, ego, concentration, psychic faculties etc. It also teaches you to perfect and control sex, which is a part of our daily natural life. As one raises higher in the spiritual ladder, one gets various siddhis or what are being described as “powers” like intuition, mind reading, healing, future gazing, mesmarising etc. To learn Tantra contact us


Each Sadhana has its own specific purpose and rules. There are some basic guidelines to be followed to obtain success in Sadhanas. We have listed various sadhanas for various purposes in a separate link called various sadhanas.  For details about individual sadhanas contact us:


1. Perform Sadhana in a clean, pure place wearing clean, freshly washed attire.

2. Have full Faith, Trust and Devotion towards Mantra, Yantra Guru and Deity.

3. Be enthusiastic and alert. Have patience and strong will power.

4. You should use correct, consecrated and Mantra energised Sadhana articles. 

5. You should perform Self analysis and do self-correction

6. You should attend Sadhna Camps to gain practical knowledge about Sadhnas 

7. You should perform Sadhana only after taking relevant Deexa  from Revered Gurudev. 

8. You should make Guru Geeta an essential part of your daily prayer. 

9. You should remain celibate during the Sadhna period. 

10 You should finish the entire daily mantra chanting (complete all rounds of rosary) in one     sitting without getting up from your seat (asan). 

11. You should sit erect and keep your body still whilest chanting mantras. 

12. You should start Mantra Chanting at the same time daily. 

13. You should sleep on the floor during Sadhana period. 

14. You should refrain from talking and should conserve all your energy during Sadhana period. 

15. You should not sleep during day time. 

16. You should not talk to others about your Sadhana. You should communicate only with Revered  Gurudev about Sadhana matters 

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