Gurudev Bhaneshwaranand was born in a small village Gairia of Uttar Pradesh on 16th day of November 1962 in a respectable Kanyakubj Brahmin family of Rishi Bhardwaj Gotra. He was inclined towards spirituality from his childhood and used to be with his spiritually charged grand mother all the time listening to spiritual stories from her. He has remembered Katha of Ramayana and Shreemadbhagwat as very early age and used to participate in discussions with learned Gurus. He took Deexa at an early age of thirteen and was not interested in worldly affairs. His father married him early at 16 fearing that he may quit the world and become saint.

He progressed on sadhna path while remaining with family and mastered it, attained Purnatva and Gurutva Deexas. He was instructed by his Guru to help anyone who visited him.

Guruji has rendered valuable services to mankind. For many decades he has worked as a healer and has supported uncountable numbers of people, both in India and abroad, to overcome their physical, mental and spiritual needs and problems.

Science and Technology cannot explain intuitive knowledge. The psychology of consciousness is the main theme of Gurujiís lectures. He talks with a seeker who wants to progress on Sadhna path.

Guruji tries to simplify the mystery of the life. To understand the riddle of life, he explains how our mental modifications create worldly diversities which will come to their end when mental modifications will stop to create them. Thus, when we begin to understand our very self, we can attain peace.

Guruji belongs to the most modern and creative thinkers of today. Due to his wide and well-founded knowledge of life he can correlate his cognition with modern sciences.

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