Yoga Services

We provide the following yogic services under the guidance of Revered Gurudev all over India and different parts of the world. Our yogis shall visit and conduct the classes depending upon the needs and requirements.

Corporate Yoga Service :

Corporate Yoga is designed for corporate sector in order to learn  the art of freeing a corporate man so that he is motivated, creative and energized. It is about bringing him to a state of mind where he can think in new ways, deal with the pressures of work, respond to challenges effectively and stay calm through it all.

We focus on enhancing interpersonal relationships and creating clean, energizing work culture, in our corporate program. This is based on the principle  that in order to grow, you must feel a sense of belonging to the organization.

The corporate program is especially designed to awaken the inbuilt latent power and make realize it.
It is not about gaining peace of mind or gathering new information or skills. It is all about bringing awareness into your system that destroys the false ideas in your mind, reveals the truth at every moment and ultimately takes you towards the enlightenment.

Yoga relieves stress while restoring the strength and flexibility that the body inevitably loses while sitting at a desk all day. Yoga is being practiced in traditional Yoga studios, fitness centers, and now being offered onsite at major corporations around the country. Corporate Yoga has moved into the mainstream, as employers are seeing positive results of an effective Yoga program. Yoga at the work place is an excellent tool to reduce physical and mental tension, leaving the body and mind invigorated. Employees who are healthy and stress-free are happier, perform better and have fewer sick-days. Unlike other forms of exercise, stress reduction is one of Yoga’s greatest benefits. You better visualize the sure and certain outcome of yoga for you and your organization.

Benefits of Regular Yoga classes at corporate house

1. Reduce stress level.
2. Back and Cervical pain relief
3. Improve working efficiency.
4. Develop cordial relationship between employees
5. Reduce health budget
6. Increase motivation at work
7. Control absenteeism at work

In this  age of neck breaking tough competition due to use of science and technology, where this universe is increasingly becoming the global village. An industrial sector is the sector, which bears excessive pressure to meet the challenge of time. Stress has become common factor, which is killing corporate people day by day as slow poison. Back pain, eyes problem, stress, fatigue, headache, feeling low, tiredness, difficult in adjustment, absenteeism at work are common problems at work places.

People who practice yoga have found that only 30 minutes per day practice in the privacy of even offices do wonders to ease stress, high blood pressure, emotional imbalance and depression. It also can boost one's energy, improve concentration and help strengthen the immune system. These results are extremely beneficial to the over-stressed executives. For more details and to utilize corporate yoga services please Contact us.

Kids Yoga Service

This course covers motivational program with interactive problems covering Asanas, Pranayama, autosuggestion, dynamic meditation and lots of other practice to balance the both logical mind as well as intuitive, creative and imaginative mind. At the end of the program your kids will have up to 50% increase in reading speed as well as added benefit among others.

Major Asanas recommended for the overall development of a kid includes: - Sarvangasana, Hal asana, Chakrasana, Simhasana, Paschimotanasana and Tad asana.Most recommended Pranayama for the overall development of kids are Udgit (OM Chanting), Bhramari, Kapalbhati, Anulom Vilom and Ujjaiyi Pranayama.Beautifully designed dynamic meditation and relaxation helps kids to be emotionally strong with strong will power and sharp memory shaping them for better tomorrow.

Benefits of Kids Yoga
1. Remove specs
2. Increase memory power and learning ability
3. Develop positive attitude
4. Overall development of the personality

Schools willing to utilize Kids Yoga services can Contact us.

Personalised Yoga services can also be provided as per individual needs.

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