Soul mate

The Soul Mate Reading starts with a horary question asked by you. For example, "When will I find my Soulmate? One feature of  horary astrology that often surprises  is that it does not require the birth charts of the people involved. This is useful for people who do not know their  time of birth. When we judge a horary question we examine the position of the stars and planets at the time of a serious question, which because of the perfect order and sympathy of the Cosmos, will provide the answer.

The first thing we look for are the significators of the parties, the planets that rule the appropriate houses and represent you and your potential soulmate. By examining the strength or weakness, the placement and the aspects of the significators we can see the Cosmic drama that reflects the events taking place here on Earth. If the significators are weak and separating, so are the parties. If the significators are strong and applying, the relationship itself is strong and the parties will be coming together.

Getting a horary analysis is like knowing the direction and strength of a river current. One can choose to fight the current and try to paddle upstream, sit back and let the current take you or paddle actively in the direction of the current.

If the answer to the horary question is positive then the chart will often give the timing for the start of the new relationship. If the answer in the horary chart is negative it means that a new relationship is unlikely over the 6-12 months that a horary without a time limit typically covers. In this case we also look to your birth chart to see what it says about marriage and relationships over the course of your. In order to get a soul mate reading Contact us.

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