Gem Finder

Human, Gods and  Devils  have been using gems since ancient times. Generally, gems are used as ornaments, but they are also used for medical and astrological purposes. To select the correct gem for a particular purpose as per Vedic astrology is very complicated. So those who attempt to find an exact gem for you generally may prefer using simpler methods, such as those based on the month that you were  born, your sun sign or the day of the week you were born.

The Gem finder report  made by us will find the exact gem you need to use as per  the exact ascendant (Lagna) and the Navamsa as per you birth time and checking the strengths and weaknesses of each planet. Since these calculations are based on your birth time please, provide an exact date, time and  place of birth. Vedic astrology stipulates that the wearing of gems should happen only when there are blessings from the ruling auspicious planets. That is why some people choose not to have them despite having the faith in them and the wealth to buy them.

The report offers options to choose the right gem based on the necessity e.g. luck, profession, marriage life etc by analyzing  the strength and weakness of that planet which governs  your options.  Report also reasons out  whether wearing of a gem of that planet is advisable or not giving the details of all advantages. To get gem finder report contact us.

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