Panchkarma means ‘five therapies’; this in-depth Ayurvedic treatment completely cleanses the body, mind and emotions of toxins and rejuvenates it. It is  the in-house treatment for a healthy body as well as a healthy mind The five therapies or procedures for elimination of vitiated doshas from the body are the modes of purification of doshas and channels. These five therapies are :

1.  1. VAMANA (The Emesis)
Expels Kapha through stomach, chest and mouth and relieves from congestion and mucus plugs.

2.  2. VIRECHANA (The Purgation)
Expels Pitta through bowels and intestines and the elimination of blood toxins.

3.  3. BASTI (The Enemas)
Expels Vata through lower bowels.

4.  4. NASYA (The Err Hines)
Expels Kapha through nose and sinuses of head.

5.  5. RAKTA MOKSHAN (The Venesection)

Expels vitiated blood and Pitta through blood veins and skin



There are five therapies for elimination of excessive doshas; these treatments purify all 3 doshas and subtle channels in the body. Each person receives a unique combination of these 5 processes – according to your specific health needs. Before Panchkarma begins, the precise health condition of each person is diagnosed by checking the pulse. Your Panchkarma is tailor-made using potent specific herbs and herbal oils to cleanse your body. All of these treatments are deeply transforming – so much so that you emerge from Panchkarma a new person! You experience complete and guaranteed rejuvenation from the inside out. Your body, mind and emotions are renewed! Systematically, toxins from each and every cell are dislodged and flushed from the body. The result is sensational! You are closely supervised and guided during your five-week program by our qualified team of vaidyas and dedicated treatment staff. Coming for Panchkarma is a health retreat of the highest order! It is a once in a lifetime experience. For Panchkarma treatment Contact us.

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