Deexa is a unique and rare process of making the life of a disciple  pure, successful and  enlightened. It  is a method adopted by  Guru to free the disciple of his mental, pyschological and physical drawbacks so that he could make good progress with a free mind in the spheres of spiritualism and materialism. It is a subtle transfer of the divine energy of a Guru into the heart, soul and body of a disciple. This pure energy initiates a process of change in the person which ultimately leads to destruction of all evil and negative tendencies, and spurt of creative and positive powers which encourage him to strive for the highest and best in both the spiritual and material fields.

Deexa  is the foundation of a disciple, fuel of the spiritual life,  basis of the fusion with Shiva and the path to reach one's destination.

During Deexa flow of energy takes place from Guru to the disciple, which can be in any form, spoken words in the form of Mantras, subtle radiation emitted from the eyes or gentle warmth from a touch on the forehead with the thumb. He can also transfer his energy across continents and give Deexa  through the medium of a photograph and horo chart.

Deexa  cannot be had so easily as it seems. During the lucky period only, one have the inclination to go in for spiritual initiation. He shall be further lucky to come across a real Guru in this period who can transform him.

Deexa is differentiated into three categories according to the Tantra scriptures and are for those devotees who want to be disciple on spiritual path :

1. Shambhvi Deexa

2. Shaakt Deexa

3. Mantri Deexa

Guru can give many more Deexas  depending on  specific needs and  desires in life of a devotee in order to perform a specific ritual to fulfill his needs and desires. Some  such Deexas  are Luxmi Deexa  for wealth, Manokamna Poorti Deexa for fulfilment of wishes, Kundalini Jagran Deexa for spiritual upliftment and activation of Kundalini, Kayakalp Deexa for perfect health, Sheeghra Vivah Deexa for quick marriage, Sammohan Deexa for a hypnotic personality, Karya Safalta Deexa for success in some particular task, Sarva Baadha Nivarann Deexa for riddance from specific problems, Shatru Daman Deexa for victory over foes in disputes etc. Devotees interested in specific ritual and Deexa can contact us.


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