Gurudev's Quotes

1. Surrender completely, get wisdom.

2. I am every where, find me in your next seat, my shoulder is against yours then why are you searching me in shrine rooms, stupas, synagogues, cathedrals, search engines of internet, masses and kirtans. Find me with in you, I am breathe inside your breathe.

3. Nature or almighty has given us what we need  if we do not let greed consume us.

4.Bliss  is your original state of being and can not  be sought outside. If you do not mess up your mind, you will naturally be blissful.

5. Death is separation of the soul from the body and the most beautiful experience a human can ever have.

6. The spiritual potential present in us is so great that it is impossible to define it in words.

7. Expectation is mother of all sufferings.

8. True religion is the transformation of anxiety into laughter.

9. Our sense organs are designed to perceive things only in bits and pieces and never in totality

10. Experience does not count number of years you work but number of challenges you face and over come successfully.

11. Love is our very existence and not an emotion.

12. Change is the unchanging law of nature. There is nothing permanent other than change.

13.Make your mind rest, let the soul take over and speak. 
14. Passion is the driving force for all activities of the universe.

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