Mantras are not just words which are to be mechanically repeated over and over again but  sound vibrations, or another form of the cosmic energy obtained from the realms of the universe. All extraneous thoughts are removed and the full powers of the mind and soul can be activated by chanting mantras. Yogis, by linking their subtle energies to those present in the universe, have caught these divine frequencies and have gifted them to mankind for the benefit of one and all. These mantras, when chanted properly with full concentration, produce a resonance in each cell of the body thus generating a great explosive power.

Mantra is a divine combination of divine syllables or sounds which when chanted with devotion, faith and emotion gravitate the concerned God or Goddess or deity and secure their divine blessings. For divine help one must link with divine forces but majority of humans are unaware of these forces and have no link whatsoever. But when an individual starts chanting Mantra related to a particular deity regularly the gap between him and the concerned divine force steadily decreases. By regular use of Mantra a subtle link is formed and through this one could then obtain any desired boon within the power of the deity. One could obtain wealth, prosperity, fame, fearlessness, success and spiritual upliftment, but for each a different Mantra is chanted and a different deity propitiated.

A Mantra is a special set of words through only that particular deity could be summoned. If I write or speak in Chinese you wonít be able to understand and my words will not produce any effect but if I speak the language you know its effect shall be there immediately and you will react accordingly and reply me. Praying to these deities in oneís language wonít help much but if one uses the words that they can understand the result shall be instant.

These words are the Mantras evolved by Rishis and Yogis who actually prepared them and used them to prove their worth. Over the ages these have helped thousands of Sadhaks achieve even that which appeared impossible to them. One shall worship and chant the mantra of a deity suitable to him which can be found revered Gurudev. In order to know your deity and mantra please contact us.

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